Erosion Control Technology

Bioengineering is a method of construction using living plants or plants in combination with dead or organic materials. The practice brings together biological, ecological and engineering concepts to produce living, functioning systems to prevent erosion, to control sedimentation, or to provide habitat in difficult settings.

Bioengineering is a rapidly developing field. It is also a multidisciplinary field that encompasses biology, soil science and civil/ geotechnical engineering among others.


100% biodegradable, coir geotextile mats are manufactured using hand twisted yarn as well as machine spun twine.

They are for all soil bioengineering and errosion control applications in stream banks, slopes, wetlands, hillside soils and golf course development.


Coir Geotextile nets are

  • 100% environment friendly
  • Will last long before decomposing
  • Very resistant to UV degradation as compared to Synthetic mats
  • Ability to handle high water velocities. – High water absorption capacity of coir fibres promote seed germination
  • Excellent results in Hydroseeding – Will decompose after a period of time leaving excellent mulch for the growing vegetation
  • Cost effective compared to synthetic mats

Depending on its application and exposure, coco mat lasts two to five years. This extended longevity period allows enough time to establish adequate vegetation allowing errosion control the way nature intended


Made from 100% decorticated fiber Compressed in tabular nylon netting. Used to effectively manage changes in stream flow Velocity, provide channel and shoreline Stabilization and planting medium for Vegetation. Also used for erosion and sediment Control on steep slopes

Coco-Fiber-Nets-&-Coco-Logs-04 Coco-Fiber-Nets-&-Coco-Logs-05

Made from 100% coir fiber twine woven into a high Strength mats for extreme stabilization, protection of high velocity intermittent flow channels