• Manufactured from first grade Philippine COIR
  • Conditions the soil and saves water.
  • Increases water-holding capacity and reduces watering frequency.
  • Improves plant growth.
  • Loosens hard soils.
  • Lasts in your soil for up to 5 yrs.
  • Natural, Biodegradable & Renewable source.
  • Rapidly expands & makes up to 9 liters of organic planting medium.


  • JUST ADD WATER – CocoGreen Potting Mix Block expands up to 60 liters of PREMIUM GRADE COIR POTTING MIX in around 10 minutes.
  • Ideal Tub and Terracotta Mix, great for all Pots and
  • Hanging Baskets. Guaranteed to improve your plants growth
  • Increases water-holding capacity and reduces watering frequency. Contains Slow Release Fertilizer for extra LIFT-OFF
  • Light an easy to handle. Only 4kg makes up to 60L


Ideal Applications:

These blocks are used as an alternative for peat moss. They are best used in large-scale nurseries, garden centers, large-scale commercial growers of flowers and fruits. They can also be loaded Un-wrapped form, and loose stuffing with container. The absence of plastic shrink means less disposal work making it convenient for the buyer. Shrink wrapped blocks can also be given on request


For Best Results

When should I re-pot my plants?

Most plants require re-potting at regular intervals, into larger pots/containers. A good indication that your plant needs re-potting is when its roots are coming through the drainage holes. Ideal times for re-potting are Spring, Summer and early Autumn.

How do I re-pot for best results?

Water the plant in its old pot and allow to drain.

Select a pot that is 25-50mm wider than the old pot. Cover drainage holes with stones or pebbles and partly fill with potting mix. Loosen plants root system. Position plant in centre of new pot. Fill around the edges of the root ball with coir-potting mix to within 20mm of the top of the pot and firm down gently.

Thoroughly water re-potted plants, ensure the coir-potting mixture is uniformly moist and allow to drain. Thereafter water whenever the surface of the potting mixture feels dry to touch.

To maintain vigorous growth and to promote strong root development, plants need to be fed regularly with balanced fertilisers.

How Expand your Coir-Peat Block

Place the COCO PEAT POTTING MIX COIR BLOCK into a wheelbarrow, slowly add around 30 litres of water for the 60L Block. (7 Litres of water for the 15L Block). Allow to soak for a full 10 minutes. Pull apart and churn with your hands, ensuring that the entire mix is thoroughly wet and hydrated. Drain off excess water into the garden bed.