The Agora Award for Export Marketing Coco Technologies Corporation

2007 Agora Awardee for Outstanding Achievement in Export Marketing

Japan - Global 100 Eco-Tech AwardsJapan - Global 100 Eco-Tech Awards 2

RP wins Global 100 Eco-Tech Award

RP wins Global Eco-Tech Award in World Expo ‘05

RP wins another award at World Expo in JapanThe Philippines has won a second award in the ongoing World Expo 2005 in Aichi, Japan, this time for a technological innovation that uses coconut fiber to arrest soil erosion and promote re-greening.

Dr. Justino Arboleda, dean of the Bicol University College of Agriculture, won one of the Global 100 Eco-Tech Awards which aims at promoting the role of technology in sustainable development and protection of the environment.

“Dr. Arboleda gets the award, and the Philippines the honors,” said Tourism Secretary Joseph Ace Durano who cited the scientists victory as a boost to the government’s  campaign to promote the country as a nature destination for Japanese tourists.

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Excellence in Exports

Inspiring Players in the export industries

It has given recognition to the most outstanding companies that did extremely well in the export industry. It never failed to take noticed of the organizations that made a difference and helped uplift the level of businesses in the country to compete with international counterparts.

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17th Golden Shell Awards